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Thursday, 9.16.04: Post-Project Thoughts

This happens to me. I work intensely on a project and then -- suddenly -- the project is done. And I have an anxiety attack. What next??!!

Our foster parent recruitment video was finally completed as of yesterday morning when I handed the master disk over to Maria to present to our client. I'm tired, but my mind is racing to the next project. Something fun. Something artistic. Something that doesn't require consensus from corporate committees. Something worthy of film festivals.

But what?

The problem with movies -- or even radio stories -- is that you can't just dash them off -- like these web entries. I haven't found it to be much like novel-writing either. Novels are a gigantic commitment but, compared to movies, they are uni-dimensional -- your ideas, worked out and organized on paper.

Of course, there is always the possibility that I think too much. Story. Sound. Imagery. Cameras, lights, microphones, software. And movie-making is supposed to be the essence of teamwork, and here I sit by myself with nothing going on outside my window except for a series of cats stalking chipmunks in the woods.

It is so much easier to be handed an assignment by someone and pick up the problem-solving from there.

It is harder to decide what my own story is. That's really where I need to start, just like novel-writing. Start with a character, two characters, a conflict, a scene. Don't get too hung up on grand themes, technique, or which film festival I want to qualify for.

Sometimes I have to talk to myself like this.



Robert Rodriguez's 10-minute Film School. Inspiration. "If you're creative and technical, you're unstoppable."

"Look around you, what do you have around you? Take stock in what you have... When I did El Mariachi I had a turtle, I had a guitar case, I had a small town and I said I'll make a movie around that."


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