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Saturday, 9.11.04: The Week in Review

Saturday. Time for some serious puttering. I redid my chronological index page to look more like a calendar (upside-down. of course). And, after much frustration, I added my photo to the Greed & Arrogance blog (ego unbounded).

Sunday. Three hours in the hot tub with Maria and her 10-year-old, the two of us drinking cosmos. I demonstrated to Matthew how my mother used to press her knuckle painfully into my scalp when I interrupted her on the phone -- discipline that left no marks. Then Maria and I agreed that I will marry Matthew when he is 35 and I am 80. He was skeptical of the plan.

Monday. Trip to the zoo.

Tuesday. Finished Paradise by Toni Morrison, which I've been picking at all summer. Time to actually finish a book. This was an Oprah Book Club Pick but not really meant for the average fifth-grade-level readership. It's full of magic realism, which means strange supernatural things happen yet are treated as if they are perfectly normal.

Wednesday. Pleased that I finished Paradise, I pulled the grandfather of all magic realism books off my shelf. I've been meaning to read One Hundred Years of Solitude for nearly 35 years. I tried once or twice in the original Spanish but fuhgeddaboudit. I keep reading that it is one of the greatest books ever written and it has also been chosen for the Oprah Book Club. I'd feel guilty lying around reading novels, except that now I have made it a goal so it's okay.

Thursday. The flood.

Friday. The flood is over except for the clean-up. This afternoon Maria and I met with the clients that gave us such a hard time last week. It was all very jovial and we came away with a plan that will keep me busy for a few days.

Overall, not much of a week. A simulated vacation.

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Butterfly Effect: a time-twisting thriller. If you can manipulate your past actions, can you force a happy ending?

From Hell: Johnny Depp goes after Jack the Ripper. Good.

Secret Window: Johnny Depp goes crazy. Good Stephen King.

Stir of Echoes: Kevin Bacon in a really spooky ghost story.

Paradise by Toni MorrisonParadise by Toni Morrison



One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1967). Translated by Gregory Rabassa.




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