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Saturday, 9.4.04: The Week in Review

Saturday - Monday. I worked like crazy to get the foster parent recruitment video put together. I cleaned up and organized the narration track we recorded on Friday. Then I was able to work on the visuals to go behind the narration "interludes" between the sets of foster parent interviews. I was obsessed with trying to do something a little more smooth and sophisticated than usual and really pressed the edges of my skill envelope.

Monday P.M.. Maria and Jim watched the recruitment video, liked it, said don't change a thing till we meet with our clients on Thursday.

Tuesday. I tweaked the recruitment video a bit more, then went through the procedure of making a DVD, then making a VHS for previewing with our work group on Thursday.

I fell asleep listening to Laura Bush drone on. The Bush daughters were an open-mic-night-at-the-comedy-club embarrassment.

Wednesday was a low tech day. There was a planned electrical outage for our neighborhood between 9 A.M. and 2 P.M. I drove over to Barnes and Noble thinking I'd get a book of short stories. It's not like I don't have enough half-read books around here, but I've been reading how short stories are frequently used as the basis for films. I've never been much of a short story fan, but figured I might be missing out on something. I couldn't find the short story collection I was interested in, so wound up buying a couple books on yoga.

I've been taking yoga classes 2 or 3 times a week since April. It's less "healing" yoga and more "power" yoga, emphasizing strength-building movements. I've fallen in love with it because it's physically challenging without making my joints ache. And yet it also has a flowing, meditative quality that's good for my head. I doubt I have the "stillness" required to pursue yoga as a serious body-mind-spirit discipline, but I wouldn't mind knowing some more and getting a few of my energy pathways into proper alignment, or whatever.

Thursday. I was nervous about the video preview. The meeting appeared to go fine -- a few tweaks recommended -- but then there was a meeting-after-the-meeting in which a couple key stakeholders decided "they weren't really wild about it." I was having self-congratulatory drink on a pleasant terrace when Maria called to tell me. She was steaming. I began steaming. What's annoying is that our meeting was supposed to be a working meeting. While there are many aspects of a movie that are locked in by this stage, lots can be easily changed. It's par for the course to be asked about some rearranging and reworking. We could have watched the video several times and dug into all its elements. But no. Let's miscommunicate so we can all spend Labor Day weekend anxious and grumbling to ourselves.

Friday. Determined to rise above the cranky client situation, I put the video out of my mind. I spent the better part of the day cleaning up my web site. The Orpha & James letter series is ended, so I tidied up the loose ends. We'll have to decide now whether we want to try to get them published in print form. I think they are fascinating, but not a mass market taste... maybe something for Jane Austen fans, people with literary romance in their veins.

The weather here has finally gone from soggy to sunny -- just in time for the leaves to start turning.

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Hellboy. Funny-interesting superhero flick.

Some Like It Hot, Great oldie.

Into the Arms of Strangers. Interesting and moving documentary about the 10,000 Jewish children who were taken into British homes and saved from the death camps.

The Butterfly Effect. Engaging but very dark -- about trying to manipulate time to make everything "come out right."




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