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Saturday, 8.7.04: Week in Review

It was a long, quiet week, spent mostly by myself. The downside of being self-employed in a creative occupation is too much time to yourself. It's exactly what you have wished for, of course, but not every day is filled with inspiration and dazzling products. There's a certain advantage to "a week at the office" where time just disappears and you are surrounded by pleasant people you can pretend are your friends.

When you are self-propelled, the days don't go by unless you make them. Nothing "just happens" except for bad things, like illness and having to fire an actor because his life is a little too dramatic. All the friends you thought you once had fail to call you. Not that I am any better. I finally called my mother on Sunday and she was sounding a bit isolated too.

Recruiting video. I revised the script, got feedback, revised again. Got all my interview tracks laid out. Now I'm just waiting for Maria to return from vacation so we can get our teenage narrators recorded and finish the thing up. I also spent some glum time in Photoshop trying to do sketches to put up with the short narration portions. Check this out. Is this a picture of my mind?

Anxiety video. I got my hard drive defragmented finally and my horrible jumpy animations were fixed. So I spent some time just improving upon them. I bought some "mellow jazz" music to accompany the video. Yesterday afternoon I picked out little bits of music and dropped them into a timeline. Our talent agent has lined up another actor to replace the one who is being carted off to jail. The re-shoot is today.

Health. I went for my long-awaited office visit to the gastroenterologist so he could do a definitive interpretation of my CT scan. He listened to my story of the cranky little pain that has long since disappeared. I was relieved when he said a colonoscopy wasn't necessary. But then he said -- "just in case I have a little diverticulosis" -- he wants to do a barium enema and sigmoidoscopy. Can anything be grosser? At least they put you to sleep for the coloscopy.

Etcetera. I've been keeping up with my daily writing, but I don't think I've been breaking any creative ground here. I get the most "fan mail" on my political ranting, but where is that going? I think the Orpha and James letters have appeal for a narrower audience. Jim is interested, of course -- and on some days a little horrified -- and we've discussed whether to try to get them published.

Well this has certainly been whiney, hasn't it? Maybe I'd better resolve to have a more interesting week ahead...





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