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Thursday, 7.29.04: A Pause

Patrick is gone. His "10 o'clock flight" didn't leave till 1:20. For him -- the first half of his lesson in airport hell (which apparently continued in Atlanta where Delta strangely lost his status as an Unaccompanied Minor in their computer). Patrick's temporary bedroom has reverted back to a tidy little reading room. The house feels empty without my fishing and filmmaking buddy.

My flurry of ebay auctions are completed -- all paid up and all delivered to the post office. No more checking my daily "horse races."

Shooting of the anxiety video is done. No more excitement of lights, camera, action. Now starts the onerous task of transferring each shot to my computer, mindful of the limits on disk space. Once I get into it, I will be totally consumed by it, so I am resisting.

We are not watching the convention. I say, "Go, team," but haven't really felt like tuning in - maybe because I sorta know what they are all going to say. I suppose we'll listen to Kerry tonight to see if he succeeds in selling himself.

I don't feel particularly enraged by any greed and arrogance topic, so I feel no need to blog. (But have you noticed that bloggers are getting a lot of attention from the mainstream press at the convention? An interesting cultural phenomenon occurring.) Am I tired or relaxed? - I can't tell.

Last night we watched a 1949 movie tonight - "All the King's Men." That's about all the politics I can stand.

So, yesterday was a pause.

Today, with a deep breath, I get back to my quiet routines and launch into film editor mode.





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