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Wednesday, 7.28.04: It's a Wrap!

Production Assistant at workTuesday was a quiet day. Rainy. Patrick packed. I got ready for the afternoon's shoot.

At 2:30 we arrived at Maria's. Patrick and I seemed like a well-oiled machine. I told him my ideas for lighting on the drive over and when we got there he immediately set to work setting up the lights like he'd been doing it forever.

Our narrator arrived and we had to shoot her in the living room, kitchen, dining room and upstairs office. It went very smoothly. Patrick held the reflector card to try to put light into the narrator's face. Matthew, Maria's 10-year-old, held the cue cards in case a line was forgotten.

Then our five "extras" showed up for their lines and chaos threatened, but somehow everything worked out.

The Crew"It's a wrap!" I always wanted to say that. The last line was read into the camera and we celebrated with chips and margaritas. Patrick continued to be the professional and dismantled and packed away all the lights.

Maria said Patrick "takes after his aunt." I think she's right -- likes learning, likes work, likes getting the job done. Uses his work - whether juggling or filmmaking - to overcome shyness and make friends.

On the downside, we goaded him into learning to eat Mediterranean food last night and he went to bed with an upset stomach. Oh well, learning and adventure doesn't always come without a price.

This morning Patrick leaves and I'll be alone with a mountain of editing to do.





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