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Tuesday, 7.27.04: Summer Days Continue

Prince of PanfishAnother big day coming up. This afternoon we will film our narrator for the anxiety video. Then our volunteers will show up go on camera to simulate "people on the street" interviews. That will probably be the most chaotic part. It's been great working with actors who take their jobs seriously.

Patrick will leave tomorrow morning and I will be alone with my editing. I'm hoping that two weeks full-time and overtime in front of the computer will do it.

Yesterday we had a kayak trip planned -- nothing too daring -- basically a float trip on the Irondequoit Creek from a park near here out to the Bay. But the Weather Service said rain, rain, rain and the skies were gloomy, so I cancelled. Then of course the rain wound up being nothing but some spotty drizzle.

So instead, I took care of some ebay business and Patrick and I did some more fish scouting along Allen's Creek, a tributary of Irondequoit Creek. We concluded that last month's heavy rains must have washed everything out into Lake Ontario because we didn't see a single fish.

For consolation we treated ourselves to lunch at the Roadhouse Grill and I treated myself to a margarita to keep me in vacation mode.

Hey, Buddy, just toss a quarter into my hat there.After lunch we went back to some video experimentation. I hit the books on better methods of keying out the blue background in Patrick's juggling video, then we finished the version with the Prince Street subway station in the background. The music is weirder, giving it a very different tone.

Check out Patrick Plays the Subway

Evening. Patrick was determined to catch one of the big carp he saw in a grimy little lake a short walk from here. Jim wanted to join the fun so he drove us over. There's a camp for mentally disabled kids across the lake and they were having a big party, so music blasted through the air. Patrick wondered why they kept playing Michael Jackson songs -- the irony.

We brought carp bait: corn and some kind of carp dough Patrick found in the back of the refrigerator and revitalized. The sunfish loved it. The water was just clear enough to see some junior carp circling, circling, circling -- but no bites. An energetic turtle came back to our hooks countless times to steal our dough bait and swim off with it.

About 8 P.M. the music was gone, the sun was setting, and the big mama carps moved in. But they were shy. We'd see them approach, then they'd disappear into the murk. Okay, they got the best of us this time. So we went to the custard stand for sundaes. Except for being a chilly 60 degrees out, it all added up to a perfect summer's evening.





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