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Monday, 7.26.04: Living Our Dreams

The Fantasy PerchI admire Patrick's ability to visualize his goal and then his determination to follow it. Of course, like I said yesterday, the external world does not always cooperate.

We went fishing. We started out yesterday at Irondequoit Creek where I thought I'd show him some additional good spots. Because of all the rain last week, the stream is still muddy -- and the banks are even muddier. One after the other we slipped into the mud and lost the last of our worms. Plan B: we got cleaned up enough to get in the car and headed for Irondequoit Bay's bait shot. With a couple dozen fresh worms, we stood on the dock of the marina and threw our lines in.

We were sure that big daddy bass lurked under the docks, but what was biting were perch about the size of a T.G.I. Friday's chicken strip. Like I said, the external world doesn't always cooperate. Still, Patrick caught 8 perch, I caught two. The fish in the photo is enlarged to represent all 8 fish.

Bored with perch, we drove out to the pier in Webster Park. This is Lake Ontario. I'm used to seeing crystal clear water (thanks to the cleaning job done by the zebra mussel infestation), but the water was turbid and mossy. The shore was littered with a lot of dead fish of a proper size, but we caught none.

In the early afternoon we distracted ourselves from frustration by shopping at a couple unusual stores in the city of Rochester.

Back at the condo, we decided to experiment with filmmaking and juggling -- an activity not dependent on the quirkiness of fish. Jim helped us hang a dark blue sheet in front of the garage door -- a mock blue-screen, like they use on TV and in movies. The idea is that, in editing, you "key" on the blue and it disappears, allowing you to put in any background you like. Cool. Patrick dressed in beige (no blue) and juggled in front of the sheet while I taped.

Then we put the footage on the computer to see if we could get the background to drop out. Success! Yeah! Before dinner we were able to place Patrick in Las Vegas (fame!) and in a New York City subway station (hat on the ground, begging for donations, no doubt). (See alternate frames below.) I was thrilled with my technical prowess, but Patrick felt I hadn't captured the best moments of his juggling in my choice of the 30 seconds to play with.

After dinner, Jim and I were ready to veg out watching "The Third Man." But Patrick still had energy for fishing. Off he went.

Two hours later, Patrick was feeling great about catching good-sized sunfish and spotting some carp he wants to hunt down today. I was ready to work on our movie project again.

We picked out the best juggling footage, tweaked our visuals, and spent some time adding music. Then Patrick made a dash for bed.

See our video in Windows Media Player! (& check out Alternate Version)



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