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Friday, 7.23.04: Day of the shoot

It is 6:23 A.M. and I'm squeezing in a few thoughts before we have to drive over to Maria's. We're meeting at 8 to begin our long day. The women actors will arrive about 10. We rehearsed them last night. They were good. Great chemistry playing monther and daughter. My only worry is the lighting. These two and our narrator are African-American so their faces absorb light rather than reflect it. I don't want their faces to disappear, so we'll have to use some soft artificial lighting. That's exactly why I bought a lighting kit -- now I just have to be sharp in setting it up.

Our male actors will be working with us from 1 to 4. That will go ok if they all have their lines memorized.

This all feels like such a new experience. But at the same time is it really any different from putting on an all-day workshop on some complex topic -- preparing, setting up equipment, timing everything just right, engaging people? I would be equally stressed out preparing for those events in my old job and that anxiety kept me focused. Today, I am not the one literally in the spotlight, but I do need to appear authoritative -- like I know what I'm doing. I also need to remind myself not to worry if we have to experiment with the lights and shoot over and over. Memo to self: that's what filmmaking is about.


We had fun yesterday with Patrick. Funny the first things you choose to show an out-of-towner -- I emphasized the waterways -- the bay, the lake, the waterfalls downtown. Then we hiked around our condo to check out the local fishing stream. After the rehearsal we went out to dinner, then relaxed in front of the TV watching a funny movie, "Best in Show."





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