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Thursday, 7.22.04: Patrick Arrives

We were thrilled to see my nephew Patrick get off the small plane and head toward us from the gate. As an unaccompanied minor, he was the last off the plane and diligently escorted. The rules are much tougher now. I had to show my ID and sign for him like a Fed Ex package.

Patrick is 14, already an experienced traveler, but this is his first trip alone. He is "lucky enough" to be arriving the week we are doing our big Anxiety production shoot, so he gets to be my production assistant.

We grabbed some sandwiches from Subway, got him acquainted with our house, got treated to a brief juggling show (Patrick's), then drove over to Maria's to test equipment set-ups and help actors rehearse.

It was a madhouse -- Maria just home from work, her son Matthew, the babysitter, a couple of workmen finishing a job. Patrick and I got the camera and a light set up before our first actress arrived. Amazing -- suddenly everything was calm and we were professionals.

This actress was the narrator, who has the toughest lines. We coached her for about 90 minutes and decided on her clothing for Tuesday's filming.

At 6:30, the 3 male actors arrived. They got down to business, with only slightly fewer Marx Brothers bits than the last time. They need to finish learning their lines but their performances were good.

When we finally got rid of them about 8 P.M. Maria spiked the ice tea for the two of us while she made dinner for Matthew. Patrick entertained us with some juggling. Then the four of us finished up in the hot tub.

A productive, tiring evening. I was definitely happy to have Patrick as my sidekick.





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