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Saturday, 7.3.04: Week in Review

The purpose of these reviews is to keep from losing track of myself in my freeform existence.

Saturday. Set up my new scanner, then found myself sorting a big bin of plastic bags by size. That is not a good sign, is it? They were left over from the days when we did business in 19th c. photographs. Nice bags. Already mostly sorted, but gradually gone to disarray over 15 years or so. Once I broke out of that obsessive loop, I put up a couple auctions. Also worked on our foster parent recruitment video. Watched "White Oleander" to remind myself of the perspective of a foster child.

Sunday. Letter to the Editor published in the local newspaper. Bike ride. Struggling with recruitment project narration, day 2. Bike ride. Auctions from the week before ended and took an endless amount of time to organize, including getting out the invoices to winners.

Monday. Struggling with recruitment project narration, day 3.

Tuesday. High point of the week. We held our first ever casting call for one of our movie projects. 25 actors showed up at the Mental Health Association to audition for 6 roles. I spent all day organizing myself -- printing cards and flyers for Cosmo and getting my equipment tested and packed. Because this is a "screen" project, we wanted to make sure the actors had good screen presence. Well, okay, we really just wanted to look cool and professional. So I set up my camera to tape their readings and then figured out how to attach the camera to my portable DVD player. That way Maria and our two customers could see them on screen simultaneously with their audition.

The actors all seemed to show up at once and since they were auditioned two by two, they had a lot of time to kill. But turns out they all seemed to know one another and had a good time laughing and talking in the waiting room.

When we were finished at 9:30, the four of us came quickly to an agreement about who we wanted for the roles. It was an exciting process and a thrill to see the script come to life before our eyes. When I got home I was still wound up but Jim was asleep, so I cracked open a bottle of wine and had my own celebration. I got online and sent flowers to Maria, for being such a great partner. She was exhausted from her day job, but within a few minutes we were running the place as if we'd been holding auditions all our lives.

Wednesday. Ouch. Backache from standing at the auditions all night. Struggling with recruitment project narration, day 4.

Thursday. Struggling with recruitment project narration, day 5. At least I cut down 30 minutes of clips down to 10, with everything transcribed and reorganized. I know what I want to say -- now say it!

Friday. Struggling with recruitment project narration, day 6. Actually got some stuff written. So proud of myself that I took the afternoon off to post some more auctions. The complete recruitment script -- interview clip transcripts and narration must be done by Tuesday.





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