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Saturday, 6.26.04: Week in Review

Saturday. Needed to get back on eBay to get rid of a few items. Also wanted to sell a few St. Louis World's Fair things, since this is the centennial year. I wound up stewing about it forever -- it's such a pain. But as with most things, I just needed to get into it and find my groove.

Sunday. Of course, once I find my groove, I can't get out. Got 20 auctions up. But really, it's like working for minimum wage. If I make an average of $4 per photograph, that's -- oh, I don't even want to figure out the hourly rate.

Monday. Bad mood. So I ordered a new scanner -- one with a nice big bed for scanning stuff like sheet music and larger photographs. Still caught in the eBay groove. Interesting: the local newspaper called to ask if I'd submit an editorial letter for Sunday's paper: legislative inaction in Albany and what to do about it. What can you say except that they are a bunch of irresponsible idiots?

Tuesday. Did my editorial. Gave myself a laugh. J's daughter came over to give him a father's day box of chocolates. She, her husband, and youngest are going to China today to visit their oldest daughter. Their oldest works in Shanghai, as a representative for an American company who buys goods from Chinese factories -- an astonishing job, I think, for someone 22 years old.

Wednesday. Worked on Recruitment video. Maria and I met with people from a new little company called Party Crashers. They were giving us a proposal to find actors for our Anxiety video -- a service we really need. Of course, they offered to do lots more. After supper, Maria and I met over cosmos on her patio to weigh the pros and cons. We decided what exactly to pay them for and put together a counter-proposal.

Thursday. Bike ride -- about 12 miles. I've been going to the gym almost every day, but had to promise myself to get outside on beautiful days. Got notice that one of my pieces has been published in the first edition of a new online magazine called Melange. It's an oldie but goodie that one of the editors found on my website: "The Best Way Out Is Through." Much to my surprise I got another letter to the editor published in the local "alternative new weekly." The topic was about funding systems for kids in foster care -- stuff relating to my old job. I was annoyed at an article and dashed off a letter. I was shocked that they published it. Citizen Susan.

Worked on foster parent recruitment video, playing with interview clips, St. Louis Arches clips, and music.

Friday. Posted the first installment of our James & Orpha Letters. Then I worked on getting the project better organized with a table of contents page, etc. Afternoon: meeting with our clients to discuss progress on recruitment video. Then we adjourned to the pub. We were joined by our new Party Crasher partners to sign our contract and have a toast.

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