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Saturday, 6.19.04: The Week in Review

Saturday. Maria came over and we caught up on our project work -- two videos in production. We then adjourned to Starbuck's to catch up with gossip over frappuccinos. My "neatening up" mood continued from Friday and I spent most of the afternoon putting more old VHS tapes up for sale on Maybe some day I'll regret getting rid of all those movies, but they take up too much space and I've become a DVD snob.

Sunday. During my organizing mania, I found a little mini-recorder tape that I'd been looking for for months: a tape of Jim and I shooting AK-47s in a Pakistan border town in 1992. It is the tape that began playing by accident when we were arrested. I've been thinking of making a radio production of that incident but couldn't remember where the tape disappeared to. Needed to buy a sub-miniplug converter to hook up the little recorder to my computer, but now our insane encounter with Pashtun weapon-makers is captured in digital form.

Monday. Showed our video clips of foster parent interviews to 3 of our customers. Spent the morning making notes on each clip so they'd have something to follow. The idea was to get them to give thumbs-up or thumbs-down to the different topics and responses. Out of an hour of clips, we need to get the best 5 minutes that will convince others to become foster parents. The meeting was at the organization where I used to work, so I had a mild panic attack driving over there. Who would I run into? I was a "visitor" but still felt like an employee. Very strange. Evening: Geezer dinner.

Tuesday. Did a rewrite of the Anxiety script to incorporate a workplace angle. Spent the afternoon paring down foster parent clips, based on the feedback from yesterday.

Wednesday. Went to the hospital with Jim while he endured an endoscopy (scope down the throat, with a mild anesthesia). It's been routine, every 6 months for a couple years. Don't ask me to explain what the GI specialist is looking for, but what's important is that he was very pleased with the results. Evening: got some beads into display cases -- another small victory over clutter.

Thursday. A tape from Jessica Hentoff's Everyday Circus came. We've been thinking about using some of the kids' acrobatics as background images for our foster parent recruitment video. I spend some time fiddling with cables on the downstairs TV so that I could transfer the VHS to mini-DV tape. Watching kids performances for two hours was definite mood medicine. Anxiety project: Got a bid on filming our scenarios from the high-class studio. It was a budget buster. We sent back a counter-proposal for less work. They told us to get lost. It was disappointing, but reminded us that our customers are not-for-profits and what we lack in cash we make up for in energy and inventiveness. Meanwhile, Maria found a guy who hires actors and has been really pleased with his attention to our needs.

Friday. Playing with circus clips. Dinner with friends. I think I polished off an entire bottle of wine. Oh, well, a good reward for a busy week.





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