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6.13.04 The Group Hero Plot

At some point last week when I wasn't watching Ronald Reagan eulogies, I caught a movie based on a Stephen King novel: "Dreamcatcher." The plot was similar to "It," based another novel by King. Their combined plot is sort of like this:

There is a group of friends in childhood -- the time of innocence and wonder. They -- mostly boys -- are exposed to a mystery -- an event either marvelous or evil that bonds them together. It's a secret.

They grow up and go their separate ways.

Then something happens. Somehow the old evil resurfaces. Nightmares. Premonitions. Death of one of the group. They don't really want to revisit those intense childhood days, but they must.

It's kind of a group hero thing. The call to action. Reluctance. But they have among them -- as a group -- the special power to combat evil for the good of humanity.

King, of course, is always looking at the supernatural or alien -- something based on our deepest inner fears. There are grittier revenge plots based on a similar structure, like "Sleeper" with Brad Pitt: boys are abused; as adults they get their revenge on the perpetrator.

It got me wondering if I could write a similar story. With girls.

Girls are not particularly known for their group loyalty. Yesterday, I watched "The First Wives Club." A group of 4 college friends go their separate ways when they marry. One is so miserable and lonely because her husband went off with a younger woman that she commits suicide. The 3 remaining friends are all in the same boat -- dumped. They decide to band together to plot revenge on their ex-husbands. They do wind up rising above their angry conspiracy to do something more constructive in the name of their dead friend. But their first challenge is simply to stop judging and sniping at one another.

I will have to think about my girlfriend experience to see if their is any event or special time that could be spun up into a story.

Stay tuned...



Dreamcatcher (2003)

It (1990)

Sleepers (1996)

First Wives Club (1996)




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