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6.12.04 The week in review

What the heck did I do this week?  It worries me that I can't remember, so I'm going to sit here and recreate it. This is my diary, after all, and I hate the idea of weeks "slipping by."

Last weekend. I taught myself how to take a scene (from my "Anxiety" script) and set up camera angles. My compulsion for books sometimes results in my finding just the right book already on my shelf, hidden behind something else. "The Grammar of the Film Language" showed how to diagram everything out.

Monday. I had a follow-up appointment with the local production studio to give them more details, so that they could give us a bid on their assistance. I suddenly decided I should go with a Cosmo "resume" so that they had something to be impressed by other than our web site. That took a few hours to put together. The meeting went well though its clear that they could chomp through our little "Anxiety" budget in an instant. I was proud to give them our little list of Cosmo accomplishments, but the guy I was talking to happened to mention he was winning film prizes at the age of 14. Note to self: do not be distracted by the fact that you are getting a late start in this business of bold youngsters. Pay no attention.

Tuesday. Had a CT scan of my belly due to a nagging little ache to make sure it wasn't my appendix or ovary. I didn't expect to have to drink 2 quarts of barium + get an IV + then get an enema. All for a 5-second scan. That discombobulated me. The results were "non-specific" -- possibly a little bowel inflammation, but not where it hurt. All it means for now is that I get to schedule my next colonoscopy a little early. My parents and Jim have all had cluster of MD visits and wretched bodily function tests this month, so I guess I don't want to be left out.

Wednesday. What did I do? I guess I got back to work on the foster parent footage we have. Their interviews are all interesting till you have to listen to them a dozen times as you're trying to sort out the themes and the best bits. For a change of pace, Jim and I strolled across the street for dinner. It's been very hot, but we walked back just in time for the rain to start as a cold front rolls in.

Thursday. I was restless and for some reason feeling isolated and sorry for myself. I needed a break from obsessing about film production. I went to Barnes and Noble to buy a novel. I bought "Paradise" by Toni Morrison. Haven't cracked it open yet because I also bought a couple books on video production (as if I don't have enough on my shelves already).

Friday. Finally hooked up the new video camera to the computer. Always a tense moment. New equipment has a way of testing your tolerance for pain. But, phew, it hooked up ok. I decided to output my hour's worth of foster parent video clips to the new camera. It took... an hour. Then I discovered it had only recorded video, no audio. So I had to troubleshoot that and start the hour over again. I can't use my computer while this transfer is taking place, but I can't go too far, because my computer will go to sleep if there is no mouse movement in 10 minutes. This gave me the opportunity to clean up my workshop, identify misused space, take obsolete computer manuals off the shelves, and pursue my never-ending quest: "a place for everything and everything in its place." That wound up keeping me busy till late last night, since I decided that I have too many old VHS tapes and could sell them on It's not that they are worth a lot of money, but they are taking up some valuable shelf real estate.

Meanwhile, I've also been trying to write up a radio script about my parrot. My radio mentor is trying to sell a public radio show called "Kindred Spirits" -- about our relationships with animals. He invited me to submit a 2-minute piece. I got a few good paragraphs down but am struggling for an ending that is poetic but not nauseating.

I guess I did a few things this week after all.

Oh! Almost forgot. I went fishing last night during the beautiful golden hour before sunset. We walked down to the creek. Jim was my scout and bait carrier. I caught the first fish of the season! A sweet little perch.






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