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6.4.04 Busy Day

Yesterday was unusually active as this film diva pursued her craft.

At breakfast we met the Marketing Manager for the zoo, who got us excited about doing pro bono work. She seemed savvy about getting work donated by the big ad agencies and wise to the power of networking. We are committed to a two-minute project. We put a "two-minute video production" into a zoo auction last year and the high bidder donated it back to the zoo. I think it'll be fun.

Then I went to tour a production studio located only a mile from here -- looking for ways to expand and complement our capabilities. It was awesome. Sound stages, animation work stations, and fully equipped editing suites. They do everything from Buick commercials to documentaries. From being a high class post-production house, I can see they are repositioning themselves to become a "total solutions" partner to filmmakers and music artists. Like a lot of people here, they see no reason why Rochester can't become an attractive site for filmmaking.

The tension for me comes when I leave my "do-it-all-yourself" comfort zone and enter the fantasy world of having all these wonderful production services at my fingertips. Are we ready for the big time? Are we fooling ourselves that there is a niche for do-it-all-yourself shops?

I let my tour be all about the fantasy. The strong dose of reality comes when we start getting prices for their services.

During the afternoon I got deliveries of more video equipment -- microphone, tripod, mini-DV tapes. Lots of unpacking. Toys for the do-it-all-yourself zone.

I spent the evening at a bar -- a going away party for someone else who decided to leave the gray institution for more independent work. It was fun to see lots of my former colleagues. But of course I had to make sure I looked great so they would all know how successful and happy I am in my new life. The trick is in the "Sex & the City" ultra-high heels I got at the discount store across the street for $12, plus red toenail polish. And always the bright red lipstick.




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