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6.2.04 Catching Up

Lots going on.

Foster Parent Recruitment. We are still at the stage of interviewing foster parents. They are busy so appointments keep being cancelled and rescheduled. I'm worried about how to make the talking heads interesting.

Anxiety. I hammered out a script with little scenarios of grouchy elders trying to convince themselves or their children that they are not anxious. The script needs to be approved by the mental health association -- the project people and their panel of experts. We have some dough to hire actors, but how hard will it be to find them locally -- especially since they can't be simply ambitious kids?

New camera. Meanwhile my fancy-schmancy video camera arrived today. It is beautiful and seems to be working ok. But unlike my point-and-shoot Sony, it has f-stops and shutter speeds and a hundred set-up choices. I wanted to start playing with it this afternoon, but figured I better work on the foster parent footage.

Cinematography. I did spend some weekend time focused on a cinematography book I have -- just-in-time learning about the "5 C's": camera angles, continuity, cutting, close-ups, and composition. The "Cost of Cool" video I did with my nephews was good preparation for the challenge.

No work on Memorial Day. I started working on foster parent stuff yesterday but decided that even independent filmmakers need a day off. There are hundreds of household projects I could undertake, including cleaning, but... ugh. So I played with my website. I'm working on reposting my travel notes from our 1998 trip to Ecuador. The notes are not that fascinating to the neutral observer, but they mark a turning point for me -- my decision to keep writing a journal and to become something other than the colorless office-drone I pictured myself as. I got the pages imported and linked. But they were so plain -- no pictures. I realized I had never done anything the the photos from that trip. So... I started scanning in pictures and making the pages a little prettier. I got about halfway through. Maybe I won't finish till another rainy holiday.

Movies. The 3 movies we watched were all powerful stories of star-crossed love. "Henry and June" was about the author Henry Miller and his affair with AnaÔs Nin, during those creative free-love days of 1930s Paris. "Japanese Story" was an Australian film about an affair gone badly between an Australian geologist and the son of a Japanese industrialist. Finally, we watched "Last Tango in Paris" with Marlon Brando -- a gigantically anguished film. Time for a comedy!




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