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5.27.04 Putting on the Red Lipstick

In "The Wizard of Oz" the scarecrow, tinman, and lion all want assets they think they don't have: brains, a heart, courage. In the end, what the wizard gives them is confidence. He reassures them each by giving them in turn a university diploma, a ticking watch, and a medal.

So it is with my superhero/alter-ego Dangling Woman, who is only visible to others if she wears red lipstick.

In this installment, Dangling Woman is facing a video shoot that she is anxious about. Ironically, the subject is anxiety. Clinging to her invisibility, she thinks she might outsource her directing and cinematography duties. There is another woman in town who is building up her reputation for short films and she is hosting a screening of her best stuff at the local art theater. So DW drags her husband to the event to "audition" this alternative talent.

Hmmm... her work is interesting but did not get DW's pulse racing. DW thinks: Didn't the "The Cost of Cool" show that she could direct and record real drama? Doesn't her Mad Mary protocol give an outline for what had to be done? Is she just intimidated by the idea of working with adults and not kids?

Time to put on the red lipstick.

And what else will give DW a confidence boost? New equipment! That gets DW's pulse racing.

This camera has been on my wish list forever. It is still low end for professional video equipment, but light years ahead of the Circuit City Sony I picked up years ago. The really cool thing about this particular model -- the Panasonic AG-DVX100a -- is its ability to make video look like film: slower frames-per-second and color correction. (Next week there will probably be an entry here on the disastrous learning curve as I curse myself for getting new equipment for an important job. Like going on a Himalayan trek with new shoes. Blisters.)

But this story has a certain predictability. DW will do what she does best: plan and study. It would be wonderful to have a mentor standing next to me in the field, but sometimes all you have is your books and your own ingenuity. Stay tuned...



Mad Mary Moviemaking. A branch of Cosmopolitan Productions, for producing youth video on the fly.

"The Cost of Cool" The Trick Mule team create good cinema using the Mad Mary protocol. The agony of adolescence is portrayed as Jimmy Dray sells his soul to be cool.


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