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5.26.04 Kitty's Promo

A nice surprise today.

I went to the public radio exchange (PRX) to check on a new review. I was surprised to see the old Howard record label I used as the icon for "Kitty Keeps On Singing."

My piece is being featured on the home page as a good pick for a Memorial Day broadcast.

The idea is this: producers post their pieces on PRX. The format is "radio ready" -- available to download for immediate broadcast. All the members, plus the Editorial Board, get a chance to post reviews of the pieces. Public radio stations comb through the selections for what they need to fill their open slots. When they find one they like, they license it, download it, and the producer gets a thrill. Producers get paid quarterly, based on a formula involving how much public radio stations have thrown into the pot and the length of pieces licensed.

I've gotten 3 reviews of this piece -- reviews that I hope will sell stations:

I've re-listened and am re-reviewing because the producer recently made some production changes. So subjective, the review business. Today the piece seems stronger, or maybe my mood is different. In any event, I continue to applaud the honoring of this grandmother's strong spirit, and it's still great to hear the home-recordings of Kitty belting out a song. The writing is good throughout, there's a nice blend of text and music of the period, and Kitty is brought to life. She lived through tough times, and the piece feels timely at this particular moment. This is a fine personal offering for Mother's or Memorial Day programming. [From an Editorial Board member]

The piece held my attention and I especially enjoyed the interwoven old home recordings. The narrator clearly demonstrates the unbreakable spirit of her grandmother, Kitty. Although the story has it's sad moments, I found myself uplifted by it, by Kitty's endurance and joy of life.

This piece is a testament to the sheer will of the human spirit to overcome adversity and move ahead. Wonderful use of the family's recordings interwoven with Kitty's incredible story make this piece an easy "yes". Especially for mother's day. The writing is strong, the editing seamless. Great flow. This piece deserves airtime.

So, I have my fingers crossed that this will be picked up somewhere this weekend. But just being promo'd is way cool.

If you want to listen: highest quality | good quality (MP3)

I have two other pieces posted: "Dangling Woman," which was licensed by a station in California; and "The Valentine 1955" (audio from the movie), which was licensed by the Fordham University public radio station last weekend, when everyone was focused on remembering Brown vs. the Board of Education.



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