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4.22.04 Wasting away in newsareadaville

Are we tired of politics yet? I'm not sure the blog "Greed & Arrogance" has got quite the tone I'm aiming for yet. It's hard to get intrigued with following a story, try to get across the essence of it, and still cop a Maureen-Dowd attitude.

I was getting kind of interested in the Food-for-Oil scandal, but the Bush administration makes a much better villain.

One thing is certain: I'm finding more diverse news sources and it's giving me a little different perspective. It's a little addicting, however. My Feedreader gathers little tidbits all day long from news sources and blogs. My favorite right now is Slate. Every morning they serve up a summary of the front pages of the big newspapers, then have various opinion pieces during the day.

If you're interested in following a particular thread of news, you can set up a news alert in Google. They e-mail you whenever a story comes through that matches your key words.

And you can sign up for this or that at the New York Times, Washington Post, etc.

I know where this is all going. Months ago I signed up for a dozen newsletters on independent filmmaking and now they sit unread in my inbox.

It's the yin and yang, I guess. Sometimes you go through periods of sucking up new information and new ideas, then suddenly you can't take it anymore. Enough input, time for output. Enough thinking, time for action.



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