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4.19.04 Weekend obsession

I'm in one of those "can't leave well-enough alone" moods, along with a general "can't be jack of too many trades" attitude.

For whatever obsessive reason I have not been able to rest until I have an official blog, of the news filter variety. There are certainly lots of anti-Bush blogs so I don't want to simply add my generic two cents to the mob.

One thing I've been fascinated with over the years is smuggled antiquities. Crime is always interesting, but that particular crime is full of ethical ambiguities. The classic example is the British taking the ancient Elgin marbles from Greece for the British Museum. The purists would call it looting, but some folks point out that they would have been destroyed by a century of strife in Greece had they been left in place.

I thought I might concentrate the blog on the flow of antiquities out of Irag. Interesting, but a little too specialized for my audience. Therefore, I decided to focus on an broader area: Greed & Arrogance. I figure I'll never run out of material!

I went with the Salon-hosted blogs, figuring I might get a classier crowd of readers. The blogs aren't really well-promoted, so I'm probably delusional. I picked a template to use, then spent the whole weekend battling to change it to my own design. Its soft woodland colors didn't quite fit my theme. It's frustrating that none of these "automated" sites ever give you enough documentation. I probe and poke. Trial and error. Then every time I get something to work, I think of something else I want. I'm my own worst enemy.

In the midst of that, I decided I simply had to redesign this page. More trial and error. More frustration.

Meanwhile, I'm letting other tasks slide by, including a week of birthdays. So, happy birthday, Dad, Sam, and Sarah. Gifts will find their way to you before too long...



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