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4.9.04 Condi

I was prepared to spend Thursday morning riveted to Condoleezza Rice. It didn't take me long to decide I'd enjoy a workout better.

I guess I've hung around institutions too long in my life. I'm beginning to know a runaround when I hear it. No matter what happens in institutions, no wrongdoing can ever be admitted. No misjudgments, no lapse of attention. Excuses and explanations will always be spun.

I've sat in investigations and I've been grilled by regulators. I've watched better speakers than me babble total nonsense hoping to hit the few key words an accreditation surveyor might be looking for. You are reassuring your inquisitor that everything is or was under control because you can't actually demonstrate it. "Oh, sure, we review these situations all the time, lots of meetings, blah, blah, blah. The minutes -- you don't see the follow-up action in the minutes? Oh, that's just a minor documentation issue -- of course we followed up. Surely, we did. Lots of stuff happened as a result. Lots."

 Yeah. That's how I heard Condoleeza. Memos were written. Meetings were held. She didn't actually act on anything. She simply ordered up more plans. Is it possible that this scholarly control freak is not a take charge kind of dame? She kept implying that she was waiting for her subordinates to tell her what to do. Is that why she spends every weekend with W? Are they just a couple of mama's girls who like to sit around and gossip while they wait for Uncle Dick to tell them what to do?

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