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4.2.04 More on Arrogance & Stupidity

For my mother: here is "Kitty Curran: Great Dame" in MP3 format:


This is a more common format for burning CDs that people can play on regular CD players.


This morning I am back to my political ranting and favorite themes of Arrogance and Stupidity.

Years ago someone did an experiment in a medical school. Note: medical schools contain some of the smartest kids on the planet. The scientists exposed the students to two different lecturers. One was a regular faculty member, an expert in his field. The other was an actor posing as faculty. The actor was warm, engaging, animated and spoke complete goobledygook. In the evaluation, the students rated the actor as the better teacher. They "got more out of" his lecture.

That sorry fact brings me to the Bush administration. Condoleezza Rice is going to testify to the 9/11 Commission. W announced it as if he'd been demanding it all along. Last night on the news, there was a reference to "leaked excerpts" of a speech Rice was going to make on 9.11.01. Even though it said something like our highest priority was missile defense, White House sources are saying it proves she had terrorism on her mind. Say what? This is classic Bush: they tell you to look at the facts, then they say black is white, and half the American people believe them. We just aren't paying attention. Like W himself, most Americans "don't do nuance." We'd rather be entertained. We don't want the presidential election to be about serious choices and decisions. We want it to be a boxing match: lots of sweat, lots of fancy footwork and reeling against the ropes, where the knockout punch is the best scripted zinger.

I'm also waiting for Kerry to impress me. His best asset is that he is Not Bush. I'm tired of hearing about his being a war hero when he was 20. George H.W. Bush was a war hero too and Clinton was a draft dodger. So what?

And what the heck is going on with Israel? Can't all those intelligent, well-educated Jews tell that their strategy isn't working?? The only conclusion I can draw is that no one there really wants peace. Maybe all the peacemakers have quietly moved away. Why would a Jew move her family to Palestinian territory? The settlers are on par with suicide bombers, except that they have tanks backing them up. I'm thinking that stupidity rises to the level of a Deadly Sin when it is the product of arrogance.

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