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3.31.04 Vacation Planning

One of the ways I know I am not really "retired" is that I feel like I need a vacation and have been struggling to squeeze one in. "Oh, you'll have all this time to travel," people have said to me. It is the vision of the retired person who buys an RV and hits the road 6 months a year.

I'm not sure I could tolerate so much relaxation. I decided the other day that I love working more than anything. I could be fishing. I could be upgrading our shabby kitchen and bathrooms. But no, day after day, I am at my desk. When I'm not working on a specific job, I'm studying and learning.

So, I'm not retired. I simply used turning 55 as an excuse to quit a job that had become a burden after 24 years.

Whether I am really starting a new career or merely reinventing myself only time and customers will tell. Meanwhile, I need some time off.

Yesterday, I finally committed us to a trip to Mexico. I've been talking about it for months. It was supposed to help form the big break between my old career and The Future. But the future was already on my doorstep, demanding some video jobs be completed. The long gray winter was endured. Now that we have a fixed timetable for another couple videos, I figured I better schedule a vacation -- just like any other working stiff -- or it would be July before we got out of town.

I've been debating with myself whether to head for the Yucatan's Riviera Maya for sun and snorkeling or to do something more cultural in central Mexico. Jim is in one of those "whatever you want, dear" moods about it. Finally, I booked the flight to Mexico City. My mind is in Oaxaca at the moment, a bus ride south of Mexico City. It is one of those perfect little cities: high in the mountains, steeped in history, artsy, eternal spring weather. I see myself eating quesadillas for breakfast in the town square. That's all the planning I need for the moment.

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