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3.28.04 The campaign & 9/11

It is Sunday morning after an interesting political week. I think I'll make time to watch the Sunday morning talk shows to see what spin the press and various "spokespeople" are putting on world and national events.

I am in awe of the chutzpah of Bush's attack ads against Kerry. The administration that plunged the country into shocking debt, with no end in sight, is suddenly making it look like Kerry is the madman against their fiscal conservatism. Are Americans really that stupid?

They are also parsing every Senate vote to come up with evidence that Kerry is a shilly-shallying lunatic, without a responsible bone in his body. I, for one, have had enough of ideologues, whose "principles" mean they have closed their minds to every perspective except their own. Taxcut, taxcut, taxcut; Iraq, Iraq, Iraq. That's what got us into our current mess. I prefer someone who can rethink a position when new information is available. And I have some idea of the complexity of legislative politics. Pulling out a line item buried in a giant bill, completely out of context, in order to produce a political attack ad is fiendishly easy. It is unfair -- but in a way that ignorant Americans don't get. If they are aiming at the "Nascar dads," then they will probably be successful at appealing to a group of people whose most intellectual activity involves watching loud cars speed around a circle all day while they drool into their beer.

My conclusion about 9/11: not asleep at the switch, but manning a different switch altogether. The Bush administration came into office focused on displaying their collective manhood by getting revenge on Saddam Hussein. No, it wasn't about oil, it was just about vengeance and pride. Poppy Bush should have ignored his international allies and gone in to crush Saddam but he backed off. The old hawks and the grudge-filled W wanted to finish the job.

Meanwhile, they thought Clinton was a light-weight internationalist pussy, who used the threat of terrorism to cover up his marital indiscretions. Nevermind that the Clinton administration actually thwarted several major terrorist attacks around the time of the Millennium -- revenge on Iraq was way more important.

When Clarke tried to clue them in to the real dangers of the new world, they did to him what most powerful people do when they are annoyed by their underlings. They formed a committee. They said they needed a "comprehensive analysis and plan" before they could take any action. Thus, they could silence Clarke but still look like they were taking him seriously.

If I were Clarke, I'd be mad as hell too.


Have you made your contribution yet to the Kerry campaign?

I finally woke up and realized that when they were talking about campaign contributors, they were talking about me. Web sites make it easy now, so I got my lazy bones over to and fetched the credit card out of my wallet. Then I went over to and gave them a little something too. They are the little band of hellraisers focused on getting George Bush out of office.

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