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3.24.04 Other jobs

Aside from tweaking the foundation video, we have also gotten that foster parent recruiting video that I mentioned before. That will be a big challenge -- to find good foster parents to interview and to get good footage. The underlying challenge will be to get an effective recruiting message across. I haven't quite figured out who is responsible for Knowing what's going to work. I guess in a perfect world, a marketing department would provide us with their impeccable research, along with the most effective messages for the target audience. And then we would spend time outlining and storyboarding a brilliant interpretation.

But when both the marketing group and the video producers are operating on a shoestring, everyone is relying on on quick conversations and intuition.

Meanwhile, I have a university customer who has me editing clips together to advertise his theater classes to Deaf students. It isn't hard but it's very time-consuming. I really underestimated the time it would take (partly because they keep including new classes that they don't have any video footage for, which makes me have to create something out of thin air), so the pay is very low. But the customer is nice. He isn't looking for academy award quality, just something to catch the eyes of Deaf kids as they pass the university TV monitors. Being connected to theater, he is also looking for a supplier who is not a drama queen, just someone who reliably delivers the product. So, for him this week, I am McDonalds.

At the other extreme, we are submitting a proposal to a public relations organization to do a 10-min video for their annual awards banquet. This will not pay a lot but is a great opportunity to have exposure to the local PR community. That makes me nervous.

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