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3.20.04 More "Dangling Woman"?

Awhile back I wrote and produced a piece called "Dangling Woman," about a little incident in the Costa Rican jungle. My favorite response came from a woman who wrote on the forum:

from Nanette: Dangling Woman - The Superhero 
Dangling Woman is brilliant! and needed. the writing is rich. ...
Dangling Women - The Series
Dangling Woman : The Comic Book Superhero
Sure to be at least a cult classic! please!

The idea of a continuing series thrilled me -- and a superhero, no less. But what would that really mean? What did this commenter mean? What was it about my piece she responded to? I slapped a Post-It in my notebook: "Dangling Woman, the series... HOW?"

Who is the Dangling Woman? My initial thoughts:

Restless rearranger. Things are never ok just the way they are. A busybody? No. A home improver? No. Rearranging herself. Rearranging the systems and processes of a chaotic world. Or wishing she could.

Thinks too much. Overthinks, overanalyses. Other people get bored with her.

Longing, waiting, never "in the moment." Life is what happens while you are waiting for the adventure to begin.

Self-doubt. "This can't be right... Where is my team? Where are the people who promised to do this with me? Was I the only one who bought this line of baloney?"

... and timidity. "Hmm, ok... I'm not really a true believer either... If no one else is behind me, maybe I'll just quietly slip away... I wouldn't want to look like an ass."

Bad timing. Discovers trends just as they end. Or maybe too early -- by the time everyone else get it, DW is burned out. Worries that the post-modern era is over and she still can use the word in a sentence.

But a superhero? Superheroes must have superpowers. What would be hers?

Invisibility? She certainly has a kind of see-through quality, with the plainest possible face that no one ever remembers. Able to go unnoticed. "Who was that see-through woman?" Becomes visible only when wearing red lipstick.

Flashes of brilliance? Capable of being a nine-day wonder in just about anything. "She's got it!... Oh. Nevermind."

But how would she do good? What evil would she combat?

Greed. DW's favorite deadly sin. The powerful people who must have all the money, all the land, all the little companies, all the contracts, all the gold, all the toys.

Pride isn't bad either. How cool would it be to knock the pins out from under the world's arrogant know-it-alls, the evil queen bees, the self-absorbed alpha males. You know the one -- the person who has to be right, not because she has all the facts or did all the analysis, but because "I'm me." And you know the especially annoying: "I have this title, so whatever I think must be right." 

Stupidity and incompetence. Not a deadly sin, but should have been. Maybe it's Sloth. No one really minds if you were born stupid. But if you can't be bothered to learn what you need... DW will get you.

What are her tools? How can such a restless self-doubter be successful against, say, an evil queen bee?

Writing? Has to be more than irritated letters to the editor. But DW does sometimes see herself as the kind of revolutionary who runs the mimeo machine in the backroom and tacks her broadsides on the church door.

Just killing the bastards seems so retro, so unimaginative. You hate them and, poof, they're gone. Where's the fun in that? Humiliation is probably more satisfying.

Other features?

Sidekick? The effervescent Stella. This is sounding more like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, rather than Batman and Robin. A post-modern Doņa Quixote?

Any ideas out there?