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3.3.04 Radio Ambitions

On 2.17 I was nursing my bruised ego that someone "with credentials" did not give rave reviews to my "Kitty Curran's War." Boo-hoo.

So I went to AIR (Association for Independents in Radio) and arranged for a mentor. The guy they assigned me has been in radio production for 30 years or more, with lots of awards to his name, so I'm pretty excited.

The idea was for him to help me revise "Kitty Curran's War" but it's turning into a very different production. It is becoming a story more specifically focused on my grandmother. Naturally a new focus means new distractions and new challenges. But it is interesting to try to look at all the historical facts around a life and look at the world through someone else's eyes. My mother is trying to pull together things she can remember, which I love. There are also strange bits of info. My grandmother was just two years married in 1914 when W.C. Handy stood on the St. Louis riverfront at sunset and was inspired to write the "St. Louis Blues." I hate to see the evening sun go down...

For the benefit of my mentor -- and to keep tabs on my learning -- I set up a learning history page: Radio Ambitions. If you look then at the 3.2.04 Progress Report, you'll find the draft script. (There is a voice recording there too, but I'm not sure I like it at all yet.) It is hard to get all the nuances and delicious little details into a short script, but I want to capture the essence -- and the right attitude.

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