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3.1.04 The Weather Changes

Something strange is occurring. When I look out my window into the woods, unfamiliar patches of brown are appearing. Could that be earth? I can hardly believe it. We are having a stretch of false spring and what looked like a permanent geological layer of white rock is finally disappearing.

The sun has everyone running to find their sun glasses. Our eyes are all squinted shut like a mole's -- there has been no need to see anything but gray in so long.

Yesterday, as the temperature passed 50, I went for a walk along the Erie Canal, which is still drained to a shallow couple of feet and white with ice and snow. I wondered why they didn't have ice skating on it like they do in Ottawa, Canada. It would be another thing to make winter seem less dreary here. After my walk, like the old couple I guess we are, we got into the car and "went for a drive."

There are still mountains of snow along the roads and parking lots, where the snowplows have been pushing it for 2 months. These mountains are now gray and pitted like ancient glaciers.

And avalanches of snow are finally falling off slanted roofs, with great gutter-busting crashes.

For weeks my wake-up call was the thump and whine of snowplows. It isn't quite time to hear song birds at dawn, but at least we are seeing dawn before 7 AM. And the crows are getting noisy.

But of course it is only March 1. Unless we are unusually lucky, March will bring a good howling snowstorm or two. And even April can be wicked. But maybe we are past the worst of it.


My editorial comment -- advice for the Mayor's State of the City address -- appeared in today's paper. Maureen Dowd, here I come. I did my same-sex marriage piece earlier, but the editors ran out of room for that Sounding Board topic. They promise it will be in soon.

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