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2.25.04 The Zippies

There was a Thomas L. Friedman column in the NY Times (2.22.04) called "Meet the Zippies." They are the energetic generation of Indian youth who are developing the skills to attract American jobs to places like Bangalore. With a zip in their stride, they ooze "attitude, ambition, and aspiration."

I think it is amazing to see what our shrinking world is coming to. I don't think "outsourcing" is bad necessarily. I try to be an internationalist about these things. One set of rules should apply to everyone. Equal opportunity for everyone to compete in the global economy.

Of course, the playing field is not quite even yet. Labor unions have probably finished their best work in this country and should start organizing elsewhere so that everyone has safe working conditions and a living wage. And Congress should close any tax loopholes that encourage companies to outsource overseas.

But, let's face it, there's no going back.

I guess what impresses me about the "zippies" is how seriously they take their work and how their nation is providing them with the infrastructure and education needed to compete with Americans. I've heard the educational system is also what gave Ireland its advantage.

Is the U.S. education system up to the task to keep American innovation pushing the frontiers of design and technology so that we can offload the routine stuff to India and China? Or will they start surpassing us there too? Can you have an empire with nothing but soldiers and outsourced businesses? The really creepy thing is that I hear the Pentagon is outsourcing military work to mercenaries here and there. The advantage is that no "body count" needs to be reported. Ugh.

The Bush Empire is not looking so good this morning. Al Qaeda still mocks us while we are bogged down in Iraq. His "No Child Left Behind" initiative to improve education was an unfunded sham. So now we are being distracted with a marriage amendment -- And why is Jerry Falwell allowed to have any opinion on this whatsoever? Don't we still have separation of Church and State in this country?

Enough ranting.

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