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2.23.04 Nothing Much to Say

A bit of a hangover this morning, and a feeling of definite overindulgence.

Last night J. and I went to see the finale of "Sex & the City" with Maria and Scott. Maria laid out enough grazing food for a party of 12 and I ate for at least 6. Maria and I drank cosmopolitans and bawled our eyes out.

The series concluded well. Four women find four men who adore them and they are still friends with one another and New York City still remains the center of the universe. But Carrie does not get hitched with Big -- she remains herself. There are lots of loose ends to imagine the girls still having eventful lives full of interesting choices.

Other than that, I spent working on my web -- doing up a page for my short list submission, then deciding the Cosmo home page needed updating. Now I need to update the "2-Minute Showcase" with more recent video work.

Some dreary practical things are also nagging at me -- transferring retirement accounts, taxes. Groan.

Until tomorrow...

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