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2.22.04 Short List -- Finished

Promise. Product.

I'm fighting off a cold, but between naps yesterday I managed to produce my little one-minute Short List described in yesterday's entry. Who knows if the Transom and NPR folks will like it, but it was a great way to practice my vocal skills. I tried using the appropriate intonation for each quotation: intimate, scolding, resigned, sophisticated, plain-spoken, passionate, etc. I had my usual why did I ever start this stupid topic moments, but it turned out okay.

Like just about everyone, I hate my voice. But, it's what I have -- a cheap resource -- so I might as well make an improvement project out of that too.

Listen. Remember, the idea is to present a "list" of some sort, making the listener wonder what the connection is between the items. At the very end, the connection is revealed.

Radio quality version (fast download, lower quality)
Better quality version (longer download)

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