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8.17.03 Where Have I Been?

It's been a month since I've written anything here. Everything and nothing is happening. The slow-starting summer has turned warm and wet and, yes, we lost power in the historic 8/14 blackout.

Fortunately, the power didn't go off till the last minute of getting my hair colored. A radical new look. Last year I went deep red. Now my stylist chopped it all off (spikes!) and added blond highlights. The winds of change are blowing...

Job: Heading into my final 4 months in a whirlwind of productivity. Nothing visionary, just cranking out reports and statistics, helping to prepare for a big external review. Work that is appreciated, not because anyone reads the product but because it can be handed to surveyors to prove compliance with the rules.

Movie-making: The first check has arrived. Maria and I finished our voluntary Respect project, then I convinced our pal Liam to pay some expenses. $170. Take note.

Now we have landed our first real paying job -- ironically, for the very workplace I am fleeing. We'll be running around interviewing staff to gather their optimistic little success stories to play at the annual staff conference. Three minutes of corn. Hmmm... I'm wondering how we will keep it real.

Our interview circuit won't start for another week. So I'm spending lots of time trying to learn more skills in After Effects -- mostly text skills -- making words fall apart and have the letters fly back together. Amazing how silly and fascinating it is. The exercises are making me study commercials now to see if I can tell how they're made.

I am also watching old Russian cartoons. There is a DVD series -- Masters of Russian Animation. They do a lot that is purely visual. It's a good education for me since I tend to start out with my narrated story, then add pictures.

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