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6.14.03 Upside Down Curve

I'm trying to clear away the scraps of paper littering my desk. Sometimes I find ideas I love and tear out an article -- my grandmother did this. J's mother did this. But they only passively stack up. Tonight everything must go.

One article shifting from pile to pile without a place is a short observation from Wired that the normal bell curve that describes lots of phenomena (heights, IQs) is often reversed -- the "well" curve. Instead of lots clustered in the middle, there are few whatevers clustered in the middle -- they have gravitated toward the extremes.

The reason this interests me is because organizations seem to be flourishing only at either end of the spectrum. Gargantuan enterprises (think AOL Time Warner) vs. boutique businesses with no employees. The "big grow bigger and the small multiply."

The organization I'm leaving seems bound to enter the realm of the humongous. "Mid-size" is a bad word these days. But I really don't resonate with chest-thumping Masters of the Universe. Nothing against Ted Turner and Bill Gates, but for me leading the large is too spiritually risky -- without a genius at the helm the tribe of leaders starts chasing abstractions, losing themselves in the desert of misbegotten strategies.

And so I'm happily looking forward to joining the growing ranks of the micro-business, putting all my energies into something tangible and expressive. Or maybe I just want to be mistress of my very own universe. Me, me, ME!

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