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5.10.03 Glory

I've been restless and tired. I have a pile of assignments at work -- straw that needs to be spun into gold before the magic retirement date -- while watching the posturing of those who can't wait to take over my "territory."

The creative furnace definitely needs stoking. While I may be lacking in inspiration, some coal for the burner [ancient metaphor alert] arrived in yesterday's mail.

I was stuck at home -- car in the shop, waiting for the cable guy to come and rewire. I sat at the computer but my thoughts were scattered. Then J. came in with the mail.

The International Film and Video Festival notified me that I had received a Third Place 'Certificate for Creative Excellence.' WOW! It was awarded for my video "What Students Are Saying," which is described in my Oct 20 entry Surfacing for Air .

I was dumbfounded. I had checked the site a few days ago because the entry material said the awards would be announced on May 1. Posted was a list of 2002 winners and I couldn't tell whether what I'd entered was the 2002 or 2003 festival. I assumed the worst.

I called Maria right away. The big awards ceremony in California only honors the Gold and Silver winners, but a Third Place Certificate will give a real confidence boost to our budding production company.

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