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2.23.03 On the other hand...

On the other hand, there are those times when you want more than anything to have your man by your side.

This afternoon Sheila had a reception at her Artisan Works studio to give a big sendoff to her completed polar bear. As thrilled as Sheila would be to have friends and family appear at her artists' space to congratulate her, Stella and I were also thrilled because our two 2-minute videos on Sheila's work were going to be featured "on the big screen" in the building's small theater.

When I reminded Jim of the event this morning he was grumpy. "I have things to do... Who in the hell has something in the middle of Sunday afternoon?"

I tried to not make it matter, but couldn't help thinking about the self-centeredness of men. But within minutes J returned to my study. "What was I thinking?" he said. "Of course I'll go this afternoon. I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Ah, the husband redeemed.

We were a bit late because I didn't realize how much ice we would have to chisel off the car windows. The videos were playing as we entered. Sweet glow of success. What great fun to be praised as an artist within an artists' community.

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