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2.12.03 Another absence, another video

It's interesting that I can't seem to pull off a journal entry at the same time I'm making a video. Maybe completely different parts of my brain are mobilized during my creative hours. Journal entries are the lining up of thoughts in a series of letters. The video commands my eyes and ears to produce in completely different ways.

The visual part of filmmaking seems like a natural extension of my life as wannabe visual artist. How much I enjoy the audio part is what surprises me.

For this latest production, Stella and I interviewed her friend Eleni. The result was a half hour long, which I had to boil down to 2 minutes. This meant a lot of time listening, re-listening and staring at soundwave patterns. I loved it.

Last weekend we watched a movie called "Enigma" about British codebreakers during World War II. It reminded me that my father was a radio man during the war. Apparently, someone figured out he had the aptitude to don a pair of earphones and interpret Morse code. He was surprised, too, to find himself at radio school in classes filled with musicians.

So maybe that's where I get it.

Our video of Eleni is done for the time being, so now I am at lose ends. That visual-aural concentration is hard to turn off, but without a focus I can't do a thing. Maybe I should find some practice exercises to ease the withdrawal.

Luckily, the weekend has something different in store: a train trip to Manhattan and a visit with our friends Fugai and Troutman.

Like everyone, of course, we are anxious that all the bad boys with their Weapons of Mass Destruction can keep their testosterone under control till SOMEONE comes to their senses. I'm nostalgic for the days when the news was "all-Monica."

Reading: Hip Hop America by Nelson George. Fascinating history of a subject I know nothing about -- hip hop music.

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