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12.15.02 Honoring Jim

Jim was honored on Wednesday evening for his years of service to the long-term care community in Rochester. Three old stalwarts were recognized: a power broker, an innovator, a researcher (that's J). The reception was held in one of the old mansions downtown -- a booklined room with soft lighting -- a nostalgic atmosphere. The 3 men have each given at least 40 years to this community. They are men of vision, integrity, and intelligence. You have to wonder if it's the end of an era. Who has that kind of staying power anymore? Who has vision? Where do the most intelligent young people go these days?

Jim's daughter was there. If anyone has intelligence, vision and staying power, she does. Her field is urban planning. It was good for her to hear others talk about J: he not only takes on whatever challenge is handed to him and produces a stunning product, but he is also known as a great conciliator -- someone who can bring logic and calmness to loud overheated meetings. Cool.

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