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12.08.02 Beads & Grunge

Mentally, I've been all over the place this week.

Was contacted by William Johnson, who runs the e-zine Bead Bugle. He ran across my bead entries and wanted to publish them in his zine. Check it out. He says nice things about my site. He's interested in more articles from the perspective of the collector, so that got my thoughts flowing in a new direction.

Maybe it was the bead pages, but I suddenly jumped out of video and back to stills...

Or maybe it was simply an aimless state of mind (half relaxed from the long Thanksgiving weekend, half burned out from the nonsense at work). I was cruising the net, checking some old bookmarks, and found Nocturna, who makes grunge brushes for Photoshop.

Grunge is that heavily layered scuffed up style you see everywhere now. Like on video jackets... the heavier the grunge, the more dark and horrifying the movie promises to be. I think Kyle Cooper, who did the titles for Se7en must be the master of this style in motion graphics. The fact that I (middle-aged white woman) think it's cool probably means it's over.

Who cares. I downloaded the brushes and started playing. Then I decided to make my own brushes out of all our passport stamps that I'd once scanned in my computer. A 2-day obsession. Cool rubber stamp results. My own grunge signature. Ha!

Now I need a grunge project to go with my doodles. An international thriller? What really happens to bead collectors when they follow strangers down dark alleyways in Central Asian bordertowns? Heh.

Stray thought, from this week's New Yorker -- an article about filmmaker Mira Nair ("Monsoon Wedding") "whose frames are crammed with the contrasting textures of sight, sound, and sociology." To her film students she invokes a dictum from Andre Gide that tyranny is the absence of complexity.

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