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10.27.02 Indonesia Series

I figured I could spend the weekend pouting and obsessing over troubles at work or I could turn that nasty energy into something creative. I started off in one direction -- decided to make a web-video of Shakespeare's Sonnet 129 (whence the phrase "mad in pursuit") but stumbled on some old Indonesia material and stuck with it.

My long-time readers will recognize Indonesia Bright & Dark as a reworking of one of my early trip diaries.

It was one of the very first things I posted -- when I knew nothing about HTML and less about images. The writing was plain -- really just a transcription of my trip notes. Overall, a little dry.

Indonesia wasn't the wild escapade that Pakistan was. What it became, to my surprise, was a meditation on good and evil. Are people basically good or bad? And if we're so good, why do we create such evil systems?

Indonesia is both ancient and modern, spiritual and corrupt. A great place for rattling the old brain cells. And I did come to some conclusions.

What went up today is the first in a series that I think I'll take my time with in order to reflect on these issues from the place I'm in now. Since I am in a dark mood, the visual style is already scratchy... but who knows where this will go.

Technical notes: I also decided to do this using Cascading Style Sheets instead of Tables for my page structure. This may cause you aesthetic grief if you still use Netscape 4 or other old browser -- sorry. I also tried embedding a little sound file into my intro page but it doesn't seem to want to play over the net, so I need to figure that out.

10.31.02 Indonesia Part 2

The next installment of my Indonesia chronicle is up. It's amazing to me that I found a picture of smoggy Jakarta -- a picture that actually shows our hotel and the beastly traffic circle that made us think we'd wound up on freeway cloverleaf instead of exotic Asia. The Indonesia Tourism site is down -- I wonder if that's due to the trouble in Bali...


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