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8.25.02 Boredom

I'm rarely bored. The days usually fly by as I pack in projects and activities.

But this weekend... oy.

Part of the problem is that I gave into an impulse Friday morning to order a new computer better equipped to handle video editing. So I'm deep into fantasy about that arriving next week and staring at my old model with a what-good-are-you attitude. I have tape from a new project I started last Tuesday (documenting a teen leadership program), but it's going to be huge so why bother starting till the new equipment comes.

The rain yesterday didn't help, even though the weather has been parched and a good rain tends to water my spirit. It meant no fishing. But it did force me to go to the athletic club for a badly needed workout.

Then I cooked. Homemade chili -- when was the last time I did that? Jim is supposed to be on a low-sodium diet (talk about a boredom inducer), so it's forcing me to cook from scratch. The result was good enough for me to overeat.

I felt far too lazy to go to the mall, but I did continue my shopping spree on line. I'm sure some day there will be a support group for Amazon addicts. One-Click buying is shoppers' crack. I bought CDs and then DVDs. My excuse for buying DVDs not easily rented was our anniversary next week and my deciding they'd make good presents for J.

Hours later I visited Amazon again. You can't imagine what I bought. A turntable. The vision of myself as some sort of music-remixing video-DJ has apparently seized my better judgment. But the practical (I-can-rationalize-anything) side of me sees that J and I have about 2 yards of vinyl -- classic 33-1/3 rpm LPs -- taking up valuable storage space. What am I really going to do with those well worn Carol King and Stevie Wonder albums? I could sell them for a couple bucks on eBay, but without playing them, I can't be honest about which songs are scratched.

The new turntable has a digital output that will plug directly into my computer, so while I'm not doing fabulously creative sampling and remixing, I can convert the whole kit-and-caboodle into CDs. I wonder if I think it will be worth it once I start listening. Do I really want to relive the sixties and seventies?

As these future projects pile up, my weekend is still boring.

Before dinner last night I talked J into watching "Run, Lola, Run" again with the director and actress commentary turned on. We did 40 minutes of it and decided it was interesting enough to finish this afternoon. I love that movie -- maybe because it's an exercise in technique as much as anything.

After dinner we watched the first half of "As Good As It Gets." I've seen it before but J hadn't.

Late, I sat at my computer. For want of anything creative to do I began validating my web pages against HTML and CSS standards. Not exciting but apparently something I should have done before.

So here I am today. Writing. Documenting the boredom. Waiting for inspiration.

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