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7.28.02 Rochester visits Manhattan

While Fugai and Troutman visited we made one concession to the virtues -- okay, vices -- of Manhattan: watching the premiere of this season's "Sex and the City." Jim had to be primed for it, since he has no interest in popular culture. Even though I did hear him chuckle a couple of times, his final opinion was a big harumph.

It was great to see the girls back in action and I watched the repeat on Monday night. Still, I was disappointed. It was a little too post-9/11 I-Luv-NY and Carrie was too squeally cute. And Samantha was too mean in a way that undermined her NYC moxy -- tacking up posters about your boyfriend is a tactic for trailer trash. Miranda being miserable as a left-out-of-the-fun new mother could push the show in the direction of "thirtysomething." Thank God that pussy Aidan is gone, but now I'm wondering if his sweetness allowed Carrie to show her dark side.

My hope is for Charlotte to kick their butts back on track.

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