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6.23.02 Caught a Trout

My hyped up weekend continued with a visit to the local creek where I caught my first trout. The morning was steamy -- summer is finally paying us a visit. I dragged Jim with me but he quickly tired of watching me cast, even though the fish were jumping (and somewhere the cotton must be high). Of course, the fish jump only when you've just turned away, so it was hard to tell what kind of gleeful beast we were dealing with.

After J left, I moved upstream and had my worm snatched a couple times before my lively trout bit. From the fight it gave me I knew it was the same kind of fish who jumped off my line a couple times two weeks ago, so I was careful and patient reeling it in. It was small -- about 8 inches long -- but I had it in my hands long enough to identify it as a brown. Whoopee! We had a time of it getting the hook from deep in its throat and my clothes were splashed with trout blood, but my little pal finally swam away. (Funny this feeling -- not a conquering hunter but someone lucky enough to have bonded -- connected, literally -- for a moment with this feisty creature.) My day continued with a glow.

The only thing left on my to-do list this weekend was to get another batch of goods out on eBay. I really didn't feel like doing all the scanning and describing, so I decided to start selling books on -- easy enough, just plug in the ISBN number and wait for the sales. I rounded up lots of paperback novels and my long unused books on learning sign language and horseback riding. Don't know if what I will sell is worth the effort, but... what the hell.

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