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Tuesday, 12.20.05: Ick

ecuador - under the volcano cartoonI've been looking at my site statistics more often, to try to discern who is coming to Mad In Pursuit and why.

I want to live with the illusion that people are enjoying my pages for their designed.


I can't do much about it if people steal my graphics. To some degree I could care less. Knock yourself out.

But some people are too lazy or ignorant to actually download graphics and repost them as their own. They just link to the picture and, in essence, steal the bandwidth I pay for as well as my graphic.

Case in point. I saw a lot of "views" of the first page of my 1998 Ecuador travelog. Odd. The page doesn't say much, but it contains the lame little cartoon above that I had faxed with a message to some of my co-workers. Meaning: Quito was under a volcano alert, while Jim and I were disciplining ourselves not to drink before noon.

I discovered that someone had linked to the cartoon and was using it as his very own symbol or "avatar" in a men's discussion group called the Secret Unicorn. The topic threads were written in code -- who knows what wickedness these guys were referring to in their prolonged discussion of "shirt sizes." Someone had written an introductory article called "unicorns are people too" so my guess is their obsession is pathetic enough to feel sorry for themselves.

I wasn't born yesterday. I can see the male symbolism in a volcano. I can sort of see the symbolism in a unicorn too, except that the object of interest would appear to be in the wrong place. Does this mean that men who refer to themselves as "unicorns" are in fact "dickheads"?

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