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Monday, 12.19.05: Closing Up Shop for 2005

This morning I closed our ebay store for the rest of 2005.

Gosh, it was a great year -- full of learning about the mysterious ways of buyers and about my own ability to be as sweet as cotton candy to crotchety customers.

My sales weren't as great this fall as I'd hoped, because I got caught in sheet music hell. They take so long to post and rarely yield more than $5 each. I still have about 200 more to list. I can list 25 per day without going insane, so that's about 8 more days of work on that front.

I also got caught up in selling our Paul Wall photos. After my California dealer rejected them as "unsalable" I was determined to sell them individually -- not so much as the work of a great pictorialist photographer (they aren't), but as "views." People do buy old photos as memories of home.

Yesterday, I listed the remaining Wall photos -- Washington DC, Virginia, and Miscellaneous. This entitled me to finally get the box out of my studio and into the ground floor "shop."

I was rewarded by making an immediate sale of a soldier at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Then - surprise! - someone bought 3 pricier views of New York City (incl. the one above) and wants them FedEx'd so she can have them by Christmas. Merry Christmas to me!


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