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12.16.05 Memory Maps (They're Interactive!)

I thought that only CNN and I had discovered Google Earth. And I thought I was the one to discover the fascination of marking up a map with your memories.

But no.

Some clever guy discovered how to combine the comment feature on Flickr with the maps and, damn, got credit for the invention of memory maps or "memorymaps."

Now that everyone's doing them and there are more than a 1000 posted on Flickr, they are already slightly boring and too small to be very informative -- yet still visually hypnotic the way you can roll over the little squares and get bits of explanation.

So here I am, a day late and a dollar short, trying to figure out how to do interactive memory maps within my own site. Major skill challenge for a snowy morning.

But, voila! With a little help from Photoshop to generate the javascript, I have produced my first interactive map. Not a "memory" map yet -- more like a Today in Penfield Map. A one-trick pony for my own delight.

Instructions: See the little yellow box in the lower third of the map on the right? Run your mouse over it. Oh, look! The label changes and you get a closeup of my house from a thousand feet up.

(Now I'll have to do it again and turn it into a Photoshop or ImageReady tutorial.)