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Wednesday, 12.14.05: Xmas Nonsense

It wouldn't be December without impassioned controversy over what They have done to My Christmas.

Fox can be the all-Christmas channel...

What happened to the days when we wrung our hands over the "commercialization" of Christmas? This year we are whining about who took the Christmas out of the commercials.

In 2005, have we become so insecure, so personally fragile that we can't tolerate a generic Season's Greetings?

Or is something more sinister going on?

Most people I know are Christians and they go about celebrating Christmas the way they always have. Put up the lights, put up the tree, shop till you drop. Regift a fruitcake or two. Stuff yourself with cookies and frozen whiskey sours and promise to diet after the first of the year. Traditions don't change.

while the rest of us deal with peace on earth and good will towards all.

But whoever is pulling Bill O'Reilly's strings wants him and his ilk to whip us into a froth over the "culture wars." We are fighting Bush's Holy War, after all.

And, of course, the bring Baby Jesus back to Target movement distracts us from the war gone bad, political corruption, the abandonment of New Orleans, global warming, government incompetence, etc.

My recommendation: Fox can be the all-Christmas channel and each newspaper should set aside one page in the entertainment section where people can chew their annual cud over Xmas and holiday trees. Then let the rest of us deal with what's really important: peace on earth and good will towards all.


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