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Monday, 12.12.05: Motionless Day

...Yesterday was one of those lost sedentary days. My most vigorous activity was to go outside and fill the bird feeders. This gives me something to look out at.

There is snow on the ground now and we get lots of red bellied woodpeckers, chickadees, tufted titmouses, nuthatches. A few mourning doves. Bright red cardinals if we're lucky. Then the bluejays and crows sweep through, making a racket and terrifying my parrot Hermanita.

The birds compete with the squirrels, who are always hanging on the feeders.

And then the cats come by and terrorize everyone. Or try.

I played with the formatting on a couple web pages. I'm trying to hone my skills in Cascading Style Sheets -- it becomes a game -- some frustration, occasional breakthroughs.

Somehow -- after a glass of wine and a nap -- I got pulled into the new "Live Trace" feature of Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is a nightmare, but it does have this new feature for turning fuzzy sketches into sharp vector drawings.

I tried it with an old sketch of mine. Easy enough. Decided to push all the way and made the little animation above. (You can right-click on it and choose Play to see it again.)

Who knows what it means -- a little mood I get into once in a while, I guess.


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