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Saturday 12.10.05: Week in Review

Another week, another fixation.

This week I got stuck on tidying up my website files. It make no difference to my readers what my files are named or where they are stowed. But in the long run, reorganizing often opens a new path for ideas and growth.

What happens is that a bunch of journal entries start converging around a common theme -- like family history. Then I decide they need a common look, an index, etc. Then they are more like a collection of personal essays, which I can continue to revise and expand upon. Here's a new page that emerged (with a color scheme).

Question: Why would anyone be interested in my family history entries? I have lots of Price cousins, but the other lines have dwindled down to only a few of us. Take the star-crossed Flanagans. Who beyond my little cybervillage is interested in their tales? Maybe I will transform them into better stories. Or maybe I will attract some other distantly related "cousin" to team up with (as with Rose and the Kevilles). So I started joining some forums at -- a little outreach.

More outreach: I thought maybe I should register some of my tutorials in one of those good tutorial sites. I started with one, then -- lo and behold -- someone wrote from Tutorial Kit asking if I would like to join his site on Photoshop. Go, girl! More visitors, more clicks, more pennies in the bank.

Oh, look at the revision to my home page. I love that little airplane.

Ebay sales -- bids on my auctions ending tomorrow really suck. What happened to the pre-Christmas buying frenzy? Bah-humbug.

The local paper is going to publish the tribute I wrote to my former boss. The good part: I guess it will be more of an essay than a "letter to the editor" and I got to sign my first "free-lance" contract. The bad part: because they have so many tributes queued up, they won't be able to publish it till sometime in 2006. Can there really be that many good people out there?

Monday night we went and hung out at "member's night" at the Memorial Art Gallery. Fun to be artsy but mostly we used it as an excuse to stuff ourselves on gooey little pastries.

Our friend Ann came over for dinner Wednesday. I could have a party, but I'm enjoying seeing people one by one -- better conversation.

Hermanita was impressing Ann (a cat person) with what an interesting pet she is. My dear little parrot can be good only for so long -- last night, she chomped on my finger. Drew blood. First time in years. She was literally biting the hand that feeds her, since I was handing her a sprig of millet, her favorite bedtime snack. She bit down intentionally and maliciously and wouldn't let go till I yanked my finger with her attached to it out of the cage and threw her to the floor. Damn, it hurt.

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