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Wednesday, 12.7.05:  Searching my cybervillage


I'm in more of a mood for revising than writing. Every once in a while I look around the cybervillage here and wonder what I've created. Some neighborhoods start looking a little shabby and outdated. Others contain hidden gems that would benefit from some restoration and landscaping.

If you go to the home page, site map, journal index or a couple of other places, you'll find I've added little Google search boxes like the one above. You can use these to search the web or to search my site. Say, you want to remind yourself of my words of wisdom about selling on ebay. Enter "ebay" into the form; pick the madinpursuit radio button; click on Search.

After the usual block of ads, you get results:

Very handy. Kind of like Yellow Pages for the cybervillage. 


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